Stupid marketing words

A long time ago when online content was called “new media,” I was working for an agency that was on the cutting edge of the way new economy. I was even doing my own website that often made fun of the agency and marketing jargon of those days. Remember Pigdump? Of course you do/don’t. During […]

So now it’s May

And here we are. Same place we were for most of March and all of April. So how are you doing? Me? Sometimes I get a little down when I think of the things I and others have missed. I already wrote about my parents’ 65th wedding anniversary in isolation. No family. A friend of […]

Tedium and tid-bits

The title says it all. The tedium is tedious. But there’s always something. Clearly not enough to write a whole article about. So tid-bits. Now this won’t be everyone up here on the lake because I’m sure a lot of people have better plumbing systems than I do, but let me tell you about my […]

Trilliums and Black Flies

They say April is the cruelest month. In Muskoka, nay Ontario, they wouldn’t be wrong. April teases us with a sunny, summer-like day, then follows up with a week of snow, wind, and temperatures reserved for January. All of that happened this past week. And on the coldest day, the windiest day, the day after […]

Doing nothing can be exhausting

And I won’t apologize for that. When I rebooted this blog, I imagined being clever and writing something everyday. Best laid plans of cats and unemployed people. I need to give myself a break. Everyone needs to give themselves a break. At first I was beating myself up thinking of all the things I could […]

I didn’t need this

Woke up this morning to this: The first person who says to me, “Oh, but it’s so pretty…” or, “It’s a Winter Wonderland…” or sings, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” I am going to punch them in the face, virtually. Seriously I am. The Inuit have about 40 words for snow. Snow […]

Essential services

Here’s the thing. I can go online and order weed, THC gummies, CBD oil. I can go to the LCBO and buy out the whisky section. But I can’t get yeast anywhere. Not even on Amazon. So in the end, the two essential services are yeast stores and  toilet paper warehouses. Thanks to this social […]

A salad spinner for underpants

Yes, you read that headline right. I have a portable, table-top washing machine. And by machine, I mean me. Here’s the thing: when I bought this cottage almost 19 years ago, it was a cottage, not a home. It didn’t have a washer and dryer because, well, it’s a cottage and I take my laundry […]