Confessions of self-isolation, pt. 3

It’s true, I’m sort of hermit-like at the best of times. So a lot of this self-isolation isn’t hard on me.

But still…

I’m bored of cooking and eating by myself. I used to think I was good company. Not so much.

I feel like I’m in grade four again. Why, you ask?

  • First, my place smells like Ivory Soap. When everyone else was buying and sanitizer, I bought a 12-pack of Ivory Soap. I don’t think I’ve had this brand in my house in this century. It makes me think of bath time when I was a kid.
  • Second, I admit it…I’ve been having Campbells Cream of Tomato Soup about once a week. And I’ve made my own version of Kraft Dinner. Several times. Comfort food, I guess. Or am I regressing…?

Also, maybe it’s because the outdoors smells so nice these days, but seriously my feet smell! No, it’s my slippers…yes my slippers. I suppose it’s because I’ve been inside more than usual, never taking my slippers off except to go shopping…and now that it’s hot and humid…

Ok sorry. Too much information. Here are my cats.

two cats lying by screen door

How are y’all doing?