Oh man, has it been this long?

I thought I was going to better than this. You’d think during a year of isolation I’d have taken some time to write more about it. You’d think. Well, that didn’t happen. But let me get you caught up before I start really writing about the lake life again. That IS what this is supposed […]

Confessions of self-isolation, pt. 3

It’s true, I’m sort of hermit-like at the best of times. So a lot of this self-isolation isn’t hard on me. But still… I’m bored of cooking and eating by myself. I used to think I was good company. Not so much. I feel like I’m in grade four again. Why, you ask? First, my […]

Confessions of self-isolation, pt. 2

If you’ve been reading this Covid log (clog?), you’ll know that I get excited when I see new birds. I’m like a pretend birder because I don’t really look for birds anywhere except outside my window. For the 2nd year in a row, the Baltimore Orioles have come to hang at Stewart Lake. No, not […]

Confessions of self-isolation, pt. 1

I admit it. Although the Salad Spinner For Underpants is serving me adequately and keeping me out of a hot, busy laundromat, I fear one thing: Walking in the rain and realizing I didn’t give the rinse cycle(s) enough of my time and energy and soap bubbles form on my clothes and blow back behind […]

Queen Victoria and my birthday weekend

I have a connection with Queen Victoria. Yes I do. That’s me in a Christening Gown given to our family by Queen Victoria. What? Yep. You see the old woman in the picture? That’s my Great Grandmother (Isabella Ferguson Davidson) who was from Ballater Scotland, the town that happens to be where the Royals’ summer […]

Covid confusion and other stuff

We’re coming up to the May long weekend, to celebrate that great old gal, Queen Victoria. (Does any other member of the Commonwealth do this?) It’s the traditional beginning of cottage season and I just don’t know what to expect. The province says to cottagers, “Don’t go up, stay home as Muskoka doesn’t have the […]

Things that have happened

I know. I’ve been a bit of a lazy writer these days. So let me fill you in on things that have happened since my last post: I heard a Loon (yay they’re back!) It snowed. I saw a Pileated Woodpecker. It snowed again. I saw a heron (yay they’re back!) I cut my bangs. […]

Je ne regrette rien

As I sit inside my cottage home, looking out at the hail/snow that is falling, I’m thinking about what might have been. You see, this is the day I was to fly to Scotland for my much anticipated pilgrimage to Mecca… umm, I mean Islay. Sigh. Oh sure, I’ve been there before, but not for […]