Doing nothing can be exhausting

And I won’t apologize for that. When I rebooted this blog, I imagined being clever and writing something everyday.

Best laid plans of cats and unemployed people.

cat lying on its back in front of radiator

I need to give myself a break. Everyone needs to give themselves a break. At first I was beating myself up thinking of all the things I could be doing in this ridiculous down time. But there are days when I pretty much don’t do anything but read, listen to podcasts and music, and just sit on the couch with my cats. I call myself lazy.

But I’m not. And it IS exhausting. Especially the beating one’s self up part. So I’m going to try to be okay with missing a day here and there. Sometimes there are grey days, and even on sunny days I can be a big bag of inertia.

So I hope you are all giving yourselves a break to. No, we’re not lazy, this is hard work.

Hang in there.