Tedium and tid-bits

The title says it all. The tedium is tedious. But there’s always something. Clearly not enough to write a whole article about. So tid-bits.

Now this won’t be everyone up here on the lake because I’m sure a lot of people have better plumbing systems than I do, but let me tell you about my hand-washing experience:

I get my water from the lake, like a lot of us do. Some have wells, but I can’t speak to that. The lake water right now is really cold. Of course I do have a hot water tank, but the trouble is, I’m not sure how all my pipes are set up, because it takes FOREVER to get the warm water going in my bathroom sink. I can sing Happy Birthday three times before it even gets tepid. The kitchen sink isn’t quite that bad…maybe one and a half verses of Happy Birthday. So that’s a lot of water down the drain, a lot of bubbles not at a high temperature. And my hands are pretty much frozen by the time the warm starts running.

The other tid-bit is (Covid-bit?) wearing my mask. My friend designed a beautiful mask, sent two of them to me and they do the trick and look fashionable…

woman in a black cloth mask

But here’s the thing: if you wear glasses and wear a mask, the glasses fog up. I have to put my glasses way out over top of the mask, making all the grocery store goods look like I’m in a carnival fun house. Now this is no fault of my friend’s design. It’s just the way it is with masks and glasses. But it does make you realize how much moisture happens with each breath. So there’s that.

Last tid-bit… I’ve been going to the parents’ cottage to do my daily workouts (ok, almost daily) because I don’t have a lot of room to do jump squats and lunges in my place. While catching my breath, I did some snooping around. The family cottage is small, but is full of treasures from the past. I opened a drawer in my parents’ bedroom and found my mum’s old recipe book. Treasure for sure!

old hand written recipe book

Most of it is readable, some recipes have water stains, but I’m going to spend some of this downtime digitizing it. So all the siblings know what they’re getting for Christmas now!

Stay safe, my friends!