Oh man, has it been this long?

I thought I was going to better than this. You’d think during a year of isolation I’d have taken some time to write more about it. You’d think.

Well, that didn’t happen. But let me get you caught up before I start really writing about the lake life again. That IS what this is supposed to be about, right?

  • We’re 1 1/2 years into the pandemic
  • I’ve had a couple of jobs during this time and also unemployment
  • I had to have my lovely 16-year-old Boo put down, but what a life we had together!
  • We loved Doug Ford for a while
  • We mostly hate Doug Ford because he really blew this pandemic thing
  • I’ve had 1 vaccine… AstraZeneca, the rebel vaccine!
  • Who knows when where or what I’ll get for the second vaccine
  • I’ve had 4 rapid tests at my dad’s retirement home – all negative

And right now we are into the grossest thing to happen in all my 20 years at the cottage:


It is so gross… too gross to even post pictures. They are everywhere. Their poo falls from the trees that they are destroying covering EVERYTHING in something that looks like God twisted a peppercorn shaker over the earth for a week. Mix that with pollen and the goo of all the caterpillars you’ve stepped on. Jeeze! With that and the pandemic, could the locusts and frogs falling from the sky be far behind?

But I’m well, the family is as well as can be expected. I miss my cat, but Pinky is hanging in with me. Speaking of which, here she is. Seriously, cat pics are better than caterpillar pics.

tortie cat on couch

How are y’all doing?