When hibernation ends

That was the winter of my discontent. No, seriously. The worst. And I’ve lived through winters of frozen pipes, leaks in the roof, septic back up…Ok, it was ONE of the winters of my discontent.

In a way I wish I had posted weekly, nay, daily to illustrate the hideous winter, but then I might have not found a will to live. So what happened?

  • The heater in my pump room stopped working
  • It was minus 25ยบ for about 20 straight days
    • The water pipe to the shower froze
    • The drain pipe froze so all the water just stayed in my shower stall
    • I ran out of fire wood
  • On the days that there was no snow, it usually rained, or freezing rain
    • I slipped on the ice right outside my mailbox – luckily with no injury
  • The streamers off Georgian Bay blew most mightily on three Friday evenings in a row when I was driving home from the Go Train in Barrie. I seriously thought I was going to die. Thrice!

Okay, there were a couple of good things too. For instance, I had a huge number of Evening Grosbeaks all winter long! Sure it cost me in bird seed, but totally worth it!

many yellow birds on winter deck

And then there was rum tasting and show tunes singing night. Yes, both in one night. One didn’t cause the other, it just kinda worked out that way.

So our bruised arms hung up for monuments; our dreadful marches to delightful measures…

Oh enough of Willie Shakespeare. It looks like we’ve turned a corner. The chipmunk has made an appearance. So maybe it’s over. And with that, I promise…really and truly this time… to bring you top quality content day in day out…well, weekly anyway. Thanks for hanging in there!

chipmunk eating sunflower seeds in the snow