Look who’s back!

No, this is not an April Fools joke. This is my first post in just over a year. Shame on me. But I did get work and that was good. And a lot of other family stuff…I know, no excuse.

And now, there is NO EXCUSE! And it’s a good time to start journal-ing, keeping a log, taking notes…what have you. We are in a pandemic and I want to start documenting my experiences, other people’s experiences, and just how the hell I’m going to stay sane in my solitude!

Now don’t worry, I’m not alone…

Ginger cat and torti cat on couch

My cats are with me…look how happy they seem that I am still here. On their couch.

Anyway, I will start posting daily. I didn’t want to shock you completely after such a ridiculously long absence (absence makes the heart grow fonder, no? No?)

I hope you’re all well. There may be a companion podcast accompanying this at some point, depending on how long this stretches. So take care, tune in, and try to enjoy your every day.

3 thoughts on “Look who’s back!

  1. Your floor has the sheen I seen during The Great Pause of aught-19. Looks marvy.

    Say, what’s the one cleaning product you didn’t know you had in the closet or cupboard? I found a tin of Brasso.

    1. I’m off to read your “couples therapy” entry. Could be a useful tool during love (and hate) in the time of cholera. Speaking of which, afterwards I’ll drive to the parking lot of Lee Valley Tools to pick up my bulb planter. Betting that the guy who walks it out to my car is named “Alan” (retired school teacher).

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