Another BELL update


Just when I think I’m in the clear, Bell strikes again. For those who don’t know the back story, you can read about it here.

Photo by MediaPunch/REX (4059787c)

Y’all caught? Ok then.

My Bell bill arrived this week. You know, the one that was to be half of what it used to be because of the offer the man made me to keep my land line? The one that was also going to have $30 deducted because of the nightmare I went through with my internet? Yes, that one.

Oh sure, I got my deduction of $30, but it was DEDUCTED FROM THE FULL PRICE I WAS TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM!


So another hour or so on the phone with the Bell people who had to search back in their files to see the offer I had been offered. (In the redundancy department.) “Oh yes,” the woman said, “here it is…instead of paying $142, you were told you would pay $68. This was done on September 13th.”

So why would my October bill bee $142 minus $30???!

I can’t even talk about this anymore…which is weird because I’m writing about it here. But holy f’n s__t, is Bell ever super incompetent!!! I’m so tired of them! But up here in my northern home we have next to no choice. I have to put up with Bell as there are no fibre optic cables up here yet. I wonder if there ever will be. One Bell technician told me, “Oh FIBE will be ready within a year.” The next Bell technician who came said, “It will be a while before you guys get fibre optics.”

That’s par for the course…no one…even the contracted technicians…knows what the hell is going on at Bell. I am so frickin’ tired of them…and you must be tired of me ranting about them. So in case you’re sick of me, here’s a lovely picture of my view.

fall colours on a misty lake

Thanks and good luck.