I sort of feel like I’m cheating on you

And I’m very sorry.

fall colours on a misty lake

I think I’ve mentioned that I started a podcast this year. It is taking up a lot of my creative time. Which leaves less time to produce Top Quality Contentâ„¢ for my Stewart Lake pals.

Shame on me.

Especially since there’s been so much going on…besides the horrors of my Bell experience. There’s been wind that has toppled my tent garage TWICE! There have been leaves turning beautiful colours. there have been bears at the dump. and so much more!

I give you my word, I will start posting AT LEAST once a week from now on. And if I don’t, well you can taunt me publicly. I can take it! And I will deserve it!

But while you’re here, I may as well promote my podcast. It’s true, I have no shame! Enjoy!