The sacred and the mundane

I cleaned my kitchen floor today. Yes I did.

Now this sounds boring, tedious, one of those stupid chores that has to get done, especially in this day of clean surfaces and all. But it’s not just me telling you about my boring life. Well, not entirely. You see, today was the day I removed all the winter mats that keep winter’s worst off my kitchen floor. The mat right at the side door to the kitchen. The long one that goes right through the kitchen and close enough to my fireplace that I don’t track in mud and snow and so forth all winter long. And the one that goes along the side of the kitchen counters and cupboards so I can come in from the winter with my groceries and plunk them on the counter without taking my boots off.

Yes this is one of those great days of spring in my Stewart Lake experience. I mean, look at that sparkling floor!

Clean kitchen floor

Yes, we all have tedious things that seem monumental since there’s not much else going on. Just wait until later this week and I give you a laundry update! No really!