Mother Nature in menopause

It’s been a while. I know. The last thing I talked about here was hibernating like a chipmunk. I didn’t do that but I should have. Holy winter weather, Batman!

It started like this:

It’s always cool to watch the lake start to freeze over. It really is a miracle watching liquid turn to solid. Because, you know, science.

Then as usual, the snow came and it looked like this:

We got pounded with snow and I thought, “UGH! Why did I decide to come up here again???!!!”

It’s gonna be another one of those never-ending snow winters!

Then just as I got my roof shoveled off, rain. Lots of rain.

This didn’t last long, though, and we had a flash freeze. Which was great for the kids down the road who made a hockey rink on the almost pure ice!

That was Christmas Eve Day. Perfect conditions! It was gonna be a great winter after all!


On Christmas Day, winter came back with a vengeance! Cold and wind and snow and more snow and wind and no way to get down to Orillia for Christmas turkey dinner….UGH!!!

I finally did get turkey dinner after several white-knuckled trips down the 400. But then it got really cold. For a really long time.

I swear it was -25ยบ C for 3 weeks! I went through most of my wood. The water pipe to my shower froze. Twice. 2018 was going to start cold, snowy and…well…lovely too…

Still more snow…

And again, the menopausal Mother Nature had another hot flash…

…followed by another flash freeze…

Conditions were scary for driving, walking, anything.

More snow came to cover up the ice, which was almost scarier.

But that made for a few days in a row for some fabulous winter outings.

And then another hot flash from Mother N…fog lots of fog.

It’s February 23rd. There’s rain now. Chance of freezing rain. I’m not going to predict what comes next. I just hope Mother Nature can find some peace and calm to settle down her hot and cold flashes. Ok, maybe I wouldn’t mind a prolonged hot flash for the rest of winter. Mother dearest…??!!


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