Stewart Lake in the early days of COVID19

It started out okay. Well, by okay I mean I was going to do my bit. Stay home. Wash my hands. Stay home again. Wash my hands again. So I did. I cleaned every surface of my cottage. I reorganized the kitchen cupboards, getting rid of tinned food that expired in 2018, tossing old spices that were here since I bought the cottage (that was 2001, folks!)

The purging was very therapeutic. When I moved up here full time from Toronto, I brought with me an apartment’s worth of furniture and baggage. So I pretty much had no room in my little 800 square foot place. I always said I’d get around to purging, whether that meant selling some stuff, or passing it on to nieces and nephews.


Never happened. And in the meantime, I had also been storing some lamps, tables, framed pictures from my parents’ place when they downsized and moved to “The Lodge.” I even had to get a storage unit out at Silver Sands to store extra stuff. You would think that would get me to purge at $113/month! Nope.

It took a world wide health crisis to get me off my butt and start taking care of this crap. And for the first week, I was a superstar! If you knew how much of my own crap I tossed, well you might think I’m a hoarder! I mean, did I really need to save the Rolling Stone magazine with the first time R.E.M. was on the cover? (1983, folks). Or worse…did I need to save these????!!!

Or what about newspaper clippings like this?

newspaper clipping of softball team

Needless to say, I got rid of approximately 100 pounds of old newspapers, magazines, and “treasured” old memories. Nostalgia sure isn’t what it used to be!

So now I need to keep going, but I’m finding my enthusiasm of all this down time to get things done is waning. I need to find the energy to take care of things like I did in the first two weeks of this. I’ve kind of hit a self-isolation wall. Have you?


I’ll write more tomorrow and let you know how things are going. I hope everyone is well! Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Stewart Lake in the early days of COVID19

  1. The “to do list” has never been more important than today. Start a list of things you can do in a morning then a list for a day. We now have a few lists (I’m a list person). The big one is the multi day jobs list. Once daunting to look at now bring a little excitement. And of course the list that is simply get off your ass and WD40 that squeaky door. Structure is the key for me with scheduled down time. It’s ok to do absolutely nothing. But do remember to at least brush your teeth. Big hugs.

  2. Thanks, Dawn. One of the greatest challenges is figuring out what day it is everyday! I feel like Maggie Smith in Downton…. “What’s a weekend?”

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