Couples therapy during Covid19

This was an interesting day. It started on the lake. I spotted four bufflehead ducks, three male, one female. You know this is going, right? Well one of the males was just floating around, fishing, on his own, not really paying attention to the others. But boy oh boy did those other two males want the female duck or what?! It’s springtime, right?


When one of the males got close to the female, the other one flew out of the water and almost landed on suitor number one. They both switched places and were dive bombing each other. There was never any contact, it made me think of hockey players who skate in towards the goalie really fast then stop and give him a face mask shower of ice from their skates.

I know what I mean.

I am not sure how it worked for the three ducks, but here’s hoping the best man won.

So then I was out back stacking my wood before the rain and the bugs. The pile is right near my bird feeders, though they are all empty now except for a woodpecker feeder. (I’m out of seeds and it’s about time to stop putting feed out because bears emerging soon.) I saw a flash of black and white, then another flash of black, white, and red. And before my eyes, Mr. and Mrs. Downy Woodpecker were having a feast at the feeder. Sorry for the grainy picture coming right up…

Two woodpeckers at a feeder

Normally a woodpecker doesn’t allow another woodpecker to feed so closely. But clearly, this pair had no issues, they were dining out on the last of my fine feast, then they will probably go back to the nest and make babies.

Did I mention I was stacking wood? Well what do you know? My friends, Roch and Lisa from the south end of the lake, stopped by to help with stacking. How great are Stewart Lake peeps?!

Couple stacking wood

Now don’t fret. We did the two meter waltz and I never got close to them. Even when I was shouting orders on how to stack the wood! Haha. Yes I’m kidding. We took turns, doing the different tasks, always just out of reach.

I wondered, are they tired of each other? Bored? Looking for anything to get out of the house, even tedious work like stacking wood? Or are they just lovely people, helping a neighbour out?

If you know Roch and Lisa, you know that it’s the latter option for sure. So I thank all the couples for entertaining me and keeping me company. It wasn’t quite as lonely today thanks to you!