Anniversaries and Easter

This was a tough day. My parents celebrate their 65th anniversary today alone. Yep. In lock down in different wings of the Leacock retirement lodge. Sigh. We did our best, though. I got some boxed wine, a big container of dad’s favourite coffee, some snacky treats, and two bouquets of tulips and went down to Orillia to drop them off.

I was able to see dad and wave at him through the front door, then headed across the parking lot all kitted up in mask and gloves to drop a vase of tulips for my mum.

I met the health care worker at the front door and handed her the vase and a card. I don’t know how well mum will be able to read it or understand, but she will have some tulips on this grey windy day. Her anniversary.

As I thanked the woman In her full PPE garb, I cried. I cried in gratitude for all they do for our senior parents and grandparents, for everything they are doing to keep them well. I couldn’t help it, and my drive back up here was pretty blurry.

I took a detour to Kilty Bay road on the south part of Stewart Lake to check on my sister’s cottage. At the start of the private road I saw this:

Easter eggs hanging on trees

If you look closer, you’ll see that the Easter Bunny may have been here.

Easter eggs on trees

Easter eggs in trees on dirt road

And then further up the road there were three wild turkey in the trees.

Three turkeys in trees

I guess they were symbolic of something. Easter turkey? Anyway, it was a tough day, but a good one at the same time. Also because there was no line up at the LCBO!

Until tomorrow... Peace and love.