A blog as we slog through it

It’s starting to feel like summer has been cancelled, and we’re only in the first half of April. It’s a rather depressing thought, especially for those of us who lived up at the lake all year round. We did the hard winter time to appreciate the summer! And now…?

Some are hopeful we can salvage August. Me? I’ll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, the days are hard. When the sun is out, teasing us into feeling like completely new human beings, I feel hopeful. But April, damn you, well let’s just say it’s grey today and so is the mood. Wednesday’s child is full of woe. But then I found this…

woman in filter mask

No it’s not my Hannibal Lecter costume, it’s my old filter mask that I used to wear when I commuted on my bike in Toronto down by the Lakeshore when all the exhaust emanated from the traffic into my lungs. So two things:

  1. I have a perfectly fine mask to use to protect those around me from my spittle;
  2. I got my bike out of storage and dammit I’m going to ride it every day come grey skies or blue (we’ll see about bug season…)

It’s easy to go to the dark place when you know you can’t see your parents as their 65th wedding anniversary approaches (more on that tomorrow.) You just have to find a way to slog through it. I am trying with this blog, with my podcast, and with hearing from all of you through social media and all that conferencing stuff. So let’s prop each other up through the dark days. Summer IS coming, a summer unlike any other, but it’s still summer. Believe!