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I know I know I know! This was supposed to be a lovely diary of sort of life up at the cottage. Full time, through thick and thin, through hot and cold flashes…

Well, as you know, I’ve had to split my time between the glorious cottage on Stewart Lake, and the dirty old town, Toronto. Work, you know. And I’m really feeling sandwiched. Yes, sandwiched. I have clothes on the floor in my bedroom up north, and clothes strewn all over the basement apartment in which I’m squatting. I’m neither here nor there. Just work every day. I guess that’s the filling…or am I the filling?

Coincidentally, I’ve been putting some top quality contentâ„¢ elsewhere, not just here (I know, it’s arguable if I’ve put ANY top quality content here! Certainly not for a long while!) I’ve made a podcast. Called Sandwiched. It’s just a fun little thing my fiddling friend and I have been doing. You might want to give it a listen. We’re relatable.

Here’s the first episode. That is all.


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