I may be poor, but I’m rich in music!

Ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration for the sake of a catchy headline. I’m not really poor, just “between contracts,” which is the in-denial way of saying, “currently unemployed.” Remember the Gig Economy? Uh-huh.

But enough about that already.

Last Saturday was the 7th Annual Buckeye Bay BBQ. A couple of terrific people up here at the lake have been opening up their cottage for everyone on the lake (including any family or friends we happen to have visiting) for a night of food, friendship, booze – BYOB – and music.

Matt and Mike entertain – photo by Andrea Dale. Used by permission.

These guys played a beautiful set of music pleasing the crowd with classics and contemporary songs. The Stewart Lake Band showed up again for the third year. A terrific Canadiana themed set showed off the talents of singers Louise and Kathy (Snowbird, Four Strong Winds,) as well as a couple of Canadian classics by Jason (Wheat Kings, Til I Am Myself Again.) The band was in fine form that night if I do say so myself!

musicians on stage outside
Stewart Lake Band – photo by Andrea Dale. Used by permission.

That’s me on keyboards during one of our sets.

There are times I get a bit nervous about making the move to come live up here. There are challenges, there are things I miss big time about Toronto – I used to walk everywhere; now I have to drive…though when the bugs disappear I’ll get out more – but then there’s this:

crowd at bbq as band plays in background
BBQ crowd as band plays – photo by Richard Baumgartner. Used by permission.

The community up here is vibrant. Not just the summer lake people either. There is integration with the town community. It’s still a work in progress, but more and more we see collective engagement within the two communities. The Stewart Lake Association is active within the MacTier Community Development Association, working together to make the town and the lake a year-long destination.

And there’s food!

people at BBQ buffet
BBQ buffet – photo by Richard Baumgartner. Used by permission.

There’s family and friends (and sometimes booze…uh-huh.)

People chatting at BBQ
Food and friends – photo by Dawn MacDonald; used by permission.

I may be between jobs, not quite at the panicky stage yet, but I will never be bored or alone. My community and my music will keep me sane. For now anyway!