Arts and crafts and puzzles and so forth

I am loving seeing pictures on the social media of all my friends doing jigsaw puzzles. “Oh damn, one piece missing!” “Oh wow this 5000 piece puzzle took us all weekend!”

Me, I love doing jigsaw puzzles. It’s been a cottage thing forever in my family. Sadly, I cannot do any of my beautiful puzzles because…

cat disrupting jigsaw puzzle

The minute I start gathering the outside pieces…

cat disrupting jigsaw puzzle

But don’t worry about me. I have found a most enjoyable, addictive pastime to fill my mindless jigsaw puzzle needs. Painting.

Picture of a painting of a bird

Ok, I admit it, it’s painting by numbers.

Paint by numbers

On an iPad.

Painting of a woman at a ruins

And it automatically fills in the little numbered areas so I don’t even go out of the lines.


Ok there is absolutely no skill involved, but it fills my time with beautiful things!

Don’t @ me!

Ok, see you tomorrow.