Night sounds

If you know me, and I’m thinking you do, you know that I often comment on the Facebook about hearing a whippoorwill across the lake. And recently, hearing two of them.

I’m an old radio person, so sounds are really important to me. And the sounds up at the lake are pretty cool. Here’s a recording of a single whippoorwill:


The past couple of nights, I’ve been hearing some interesting things:

  • My cat Boo barfing (still haven’t found where he did that)
  • Raccoons fighting (I know, I may as well be in Toronto)
  • Barred Owl(s)

Now I put the (s) there because one night I heard it quite loudly and wasn’t sure if there were two. The second sound might have been a poor critter that the owl had caught for a midnight snack. Last night, it was just the one. Not right in my backyard, but likely in the forest next to me.

Now if you’re unfamiliar with the Barred Owl, it’s pretty frickin’ cool. You can see it and hear it on the YouTube, a couple of seconds in. Wait for it…

I keep telling people, “No, I’m not a birder.” But I’m thinkin’, maybe I am…