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Sandwiched - A Podcast

Web page for

For the past 2 1/2 years, I have been writing, performing, and editing a podcast with a good friend. The concept is that we are the "sandwiched generation," between ageing parents, and the millennial kids, so it's pretty much a conversation about the challenges, about how things were done when we were really is a fun chin wag. I am responsible for all the social media around the podcast. You can listen to some of our podcasts, if you want some relatable fun.

Lee, Hecht, Harrison

Content upgrade for Lee, Hecht, Harrison

This human resources company is world class in getting their candidates rehired fast. Their site is full of complex content that needs to be respectful of its diverse users while staying ahead of the competitors. They needed new content as recruiters were looking for more innovative and online ways of screening and interviewing candidates. I worked with the LHH team to not only freshen and update content, but also to help them with their lexicon and navigation for a broad user base.

Here is an example of some of my work from that project: Professional Branding. Wellness. redesign

Visa had many different sites for different companies. There was no continuity, no common language beyond the branded card names and tools. They worked with Razorfish San Francisco to develop a common look and feel, they built out Adobe Experience Manager templates and widgets and started rolling out changes across the globe. They started with Brazil, then they figured Canada would be simple because of the commonality with the original USA site. Of course whenever you think something is simple...!

See my case study (PowerPoint) that explains the challenges and the results of this project.

Note: the deck says it hasn't launched but it has now.

Region of Peel: Health

Region of Peel - Health website

In the mid-2000s, the Region of Peel - Health needed to update their website's content. It was full of links to downloads of brochures, pdfs, all of which were pretty prescriptive and not written in very friendly language. I was contracted to take the brochures and documents and turn them into web-friendly pages.

You can see an example of my work, or visit the website that features some of the sections I worked on (e.g. Healthy Eating, Sexuality, Breastfeeding.)

Other stuff...

This is just a sample of some of the work I've done. There are projects that are no longer online, such as when I did the curling section for the NBC Olympics for Vancouver 2010 - blogs, headlines, news items, live video streams.

As you can see from this page, I'm also a blogger ( if that wasn't obvious!) I used to be a columnist and newsletter writer for (archived columns can be found here.)

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